Friday, March 11, 2011

Keeping Track of Time: Six Simple Round Wall Clocks

round plywood wall clock

Analog clocks are beautiful. They don't just tell time, they show its passing. -- Shannon Taylor, commenting on an Apartment Therapy post entitled Wall Clocks: Ubiquitous Relics?

For those who still like to have clocks - rather than always relying on computers and such for checking the time - there are some lovely wall clocks to consider.

Let's look at just the simple, round, easy-to-read wall clock - and the many ways some designers have made them interesting. We can start with the plywood clock by Lemnos, designed by Moritoyshi, and available from Emmo Home and Canoe. [via Better Living Through Design]

round wood wall clock

This clock, made of beechwood, was "designed and made by Barnaby Tuke in collaboration with Studio Special." [via Switched On Set]

round wall clock

Thomas Kent clocks are made of hand painted cast plaster, and come in quite a range of colors. You can get them here and here - and many other places.

round wall clock, chartreuse green

Vincent and Jessie Leman of Uncommon make some very cool clocks, too. [via Apartment Therapy]

Swiss Railway wall clock

I've long admired the Mondaine Swiss Railway watch - but Mondaine also makes a wall clock with the same design. It's available at the MoMA Store and the London Transport Museum. [via Better Living Through Design]

wall sticker working clock

Finally, for something very different, here's a giant clock sticker that comes with battery-operated hands that you attach to the wall after applying the sticker.

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JustGail said...

Very nice - for some reason it seems difficult to find clocks that are readable and not too cutsied up in stores. I love that wall sticker clock.

Is it a coincidence that you are featuring clocks today, and we get the "fun" of changing them all this weekend? Or in my case, for the next week or so.

SueBK said...

When we got married I bought a plain white, plastic wall clock for about $5, from the "moving out of home" collection of one of the big department stores. It lasted 15 years.
Not long after we bought it a large watch retailer sent out junk mail that included 'pop out' watches - so you could try the look before you bought. I popped out a dozen of them and stuck them where the numbers were. Over the years we got lots of comments about our clock; no-one believing it was the cheapest possible option.
I bought another el-cheapo, but after 6 months of it constantly being wrong or stopping, we gave up.
Clock workings are reasonably common and very easy to use - it's just a box that holds the battery with a spike that goes through your face piece, to which the hands attach. One day I'm going to make me another funky clock.

Jeri Dansky said...

I wish I could claim I thought of that, JustGail - but it's actually just a coincidence. One of these clocks got written up recently and I decided to clean up my "clock: bookmarks - and voila! A blog post!

SueBK, I truly enjoy reading your wonderful DIY stories; thank you for adding that perspective. It's a great example of how comments can enrich a blog.