Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Storing the Onions and Potatoes: Bags, Baskets and Canisters

potato stroage sack

Let's start out today's collection of storage ideas with a product from Australia: the onion and potato sacks from Ogilvies Designs. You can buy them from Nicnacnoo. Update on Oct. 16, 2010: Reworded this paragraph a bit; the original wording was somewhat confusing.

vegetable sacks for garlic, shallots, onions, potatoes

The vegetable keep sacks, from Orca by Mastrad, are another interesting option. [via Apartment Therapy; photo from]

onion storage basket

Moving on to baskets, you can find a nice selection of garlic and onion baskets from Basketry Botanica.

canisters for storing garlic, onion, potatoes

Or you could store your garlic, onions and potatoes in canisters.

stacking garlic and onions canister

There's also the stacking garlic and onions canister from Ecology, also available here. Ecology also makes a potato canister. U.S. readers will note that all the sales sites I've linked to for these stacking canisters are in Australia or the U.K.; I was unable to find one in the USA. [via Kitchen Critic] Update on Oct. 16, 2010: Reworded slightly for clarity. Update on March 8, 2018: I'm no longer finding this product anywhere.

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Anonymous said...

I thought it wasn't a good idea to store potatoes and onions together. Something about the gases released by one (onions?) cause the other (potatoes?) to rot faster. Am I wrong?

Jeri Dansky said...

Cnuland, it seem like they indeed should not be stored together; see the comments at my prior post.

But none of these products requires that the potatoes and onions be stored together - unlike some of those in that prior post.

Lee said...

I like the idea that they are using wall space, not shelf space. Do you know how far apart potatoes and onions should be? Separate pantries? (I wish)

Carole Cole said...

Just a note about the baskets - the photo only shows the large onion basket. There is also a much smaller basket for garlic (hang them as far apart as you'd like - mine are on opposite sides of the kitchen). These hold 1, 2 or 3 bulbs of garlic and should accomodate one bulb of elephant garlic with room on top for a smaller bulb. In addition, the onion baskets come in a smaller size as well which has a flat bottom and a handle so you have an option to hang of sit on counter. Thanks for featuring my shop!

Carole Cole said...

sorry - it's me again -
I noticed that the potato/onion crock has a note that all the items reviewed are in Australia. This note must have pertained to another review, because Basketry Botanica is located in Beaverton OREGON.

Jeri Dansky said...

Carole, the wording was poor; I didn't mean to say all the items came from Australia, although it could certainly have been taken that way. I've just now edited it, so future readers won't be confused.

And it was a pleasure to feature your shop!