Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4 Fabulous Fabric-Covered Boxes

fabric covered boxes

Certainly, if you are into crafts, it's easy to make a fabric-covered box - and the web is full of sites which will explain just how to do that. But for those who aren't so inclined, you can also buy these boxes. The lovely fabric-covered nesting boxes above come from India Rose. Update on Oct. 7, 2012: I'm no longer finding these boxes on the India Rose website.

stack of fabric covered boxes

Waverly also makes such boxes. You could buy some of Waverly's fabric-covered boxes in floral patterns from Axis Imex; you can also find an assortment of the Waverly boxes on Amazon.com. Update on Oct. 7, 2012: Axis Imex seems to have disappeared, and I'm no longer finding these boxes on Amazon. 

fabric covered box

Over on Etsy, kaycraft has fabric-covered boxes in various patterns and sizes. Update on Oct. 7, 2012: This Etsy store seems to have disappeared.

fabric covered gift box

And finally, Gift Boxes by Elaine is another source of fabric-covered boxes - to be used as gift boxes, or any other way you would like.


SueBK said...

Love the butterflies. Fabric covered boxes feel like a "waste" of fabric to me (being a quilter). But for a special (and relatively quick and easy) present a box with broderie perse appliqué would be lovely.

Broderie perse appliqué - is the technique of cutting printed motifs (such as the butterflies) out of fabric and sewing them on as applique.

Lindsay said...

I enjoyed the artisitic and personal touch these provide. What a great gift idea. These would be great to place items out of sight and create an organized look in the home. Decluttering is always helpful for your overall health and wellness and these provide one way of acheiving that!
Thanks again for another great idea.

Jeri Dansky said...

SueBK, I think there's enough beautiful fabric in the world that we can have both quilts and fabric-covered boxes! But thanks, once again, for the DIY perspective!