Monday, July 19, 2010

Saving Space in the Kitchen: Nesting Glasses

glasses with Russian nesting dolls

Cute and space-saving - how could I not be attracted to these Babushkups nesting glasses sold by [via Apartment Therapy] Update on August  26, 2013: These seem to be a discontinued item; the website says there are only three left.

glasses, nesting - with pictures of horses, wolves, birds

These Living Together stacking glasses are also clever. Note that the price shown is in Australian dollars - but they are still quite expensive. [via Debi van Zyl]

nesting glasses, multi-colored

Then there are the Iittala Ote glasses, available from and other on-line vendors. Update on August 26, 2013: These glasses have been discontinued.

wine glass where stem unscrews from bowl

Finally, here's what L.L.Bean calls its nesting wine glass - but it "nests" in a very different way than the others!

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1 comment:

JustGail said...

Pretty glasses, they would *not* stay stacked in my house, unless I always re-did the way they were put back in the cupboard by others. Especially the ones with different sizes stacked inside each other. Heaven forbid anyone should have to pick up one item to put the larger item under it, or get to the size they want. Arrrrgh! Oh well, at least the dishes DO get put away by someone else.

Just a thought though - are they made of plastic, or special glass? Somehow, putting the glasses inside each other, like the ones with the dolls, seems like it could lead to many broken glasses?