Sunday, July 4, 2010

Controlling the Cables Using Cable Ties

Want to get your cables more organized? Cable ties are a common tool; the basic nylon cable ties are inexpensive and widely available. But if you'd like other choices, read on!

Velcro cable tie

One option is the Velcro One-Wrap - widely available, including here. [via BestStuff]

cable wrap

Michael Paul Fennell of Rip-Tie "came up with the first cable organizer using Velcro brand hook and loop fasteners" - and now Rip-Tie has a wide range of cable wraps.

cable tie

The Mille-Tie from Millepede is another variation on the standard cable tie. There's a video that explains just how it works. You can get the Mille-Tie a number of places, including here. [via Lifehacker]

cable wrap

The Rapstrap web site talks about the problems with standard ties, and explains why the Rapstrap is better.

elastic cable ties

For yet another type of solution, you could look at BongoTies.

cable tie shaped like a dachshund

And finally, you could consider the Cable Dachshund (or Cable Robot, or Cable Monkey).

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Anonymous said...

The Velcro ties are excellent - but there is competition (not that I'd recommend any of it).

Belkin sells hook-and-loop ties ("Velcro" is a trademark...) - but Belkin's ties don't have a place to thread the end through for a tie that wont drop off. Ties like Belkin's also tend to be loops on one side, with hooks only on the end of the other side (Velcron is hook-and-loop from end to end).

Others have ties available, but they tend to be hooks on one side stuck back-to-back with loops on the other: which means they eventually start to peel apart.

Excuse the pun - but stick with Velcro. It's worth it.

Jeri Dansky said...

Ddouthitt, thank you for sharing your knowledge!

JustGail said...

Thanks for the reusable cable ties! The drawback of regular nylon ties is not that they are not adjustable/reusable, it's that nasty things can happen when you reach in where you really can't see what you're doing to cut them off. Also, for the ties like the Cable Dachshund, if you have any of those old foam-covered wire bendy type hair rollers, they also work great. They never did a thing for my hair, but they make great cable ties!

Jeri Dansky said...

JustGail, I agree! I've personally had problems with the regular nylon ties. Someone pulled one of them so tight that it was very hard to snip the tie (when I needed to remove something) without snipping the cord, too.

Unknown said...

I absolutely love your posts on decluttering cable. Some of the pictures look like things that were used for something else but are now being used to declutter cable. Absolutely love your innovative ideas.