Sunday, July 18, 2010

13 Admirable Address Books, for Those Who Still Prefer Paper

address book from Florence / Firenze

Perhaps you're an address book sort of person - rather than an address box person, or a digital address book person. Let's look at some of the wonderful choices in the address book realm.

Il Papiro address books come in a variety of designs; there are both paper and leather options. Il Papiro has stores in Italy (of course), the U.S., and Australia; you can also get the company's address books online at Jumping Tangents in New Zealand.

address book covered with Shetland wool

Here's another address book with a real sense of place. Mary Fraser of Shetland Bookbinders makes her amazing address books, sold by Designed in Shetland - "using acid free papers, silk headbands and linen threads, and covered in 100% Shetland wool in traditional Fair Isle designs."

address book

Staying in the U.K. for a bit, let's admire the Liberty Print address books; this is a close-up of the Henry James jungle print address book.

leather address book

Aspinal of London has some elegant address books.

Eco Friendly Address Book

And Thomas Lyte has the Planet Saving Life Enhancing Eco Friendly Address Book "made from recycled leather and paper from a sustainable source."

address book with doll

I missed the whole Kimmidoll craze - but the Kimmidoll address books are cute.

address book with bird and flowers

Thomas Paul has some nice address books, available at Velocity Art and Design.

phone and address book

Based in Durham, North Carolina, Horse & Buggy Press has an address book well worth a look. "Covers are letterpress printed. ... There are 4 pages for most letters of the alphabet, pages are rubberstamped in the corners for ease in flipping to the right page. Blank, unlined paper so that you will not be confined to someone else’s arbitrary grid."

address book, floral design

Galison/Mudpuppy has a number of good-looking address books. "Page refills are available should you stay in touch with a lot of people or if you have very peripatetic friends."

address book with flower

Caspari is another source for really gorgeous address books.

address book - my peeps

And Papaya has some fun address books.

address book with flowers

The address books from Paper Origin use handmade paper made from mulberry bark.

address book

And finally, Rag & Bone Bindery has some lovely address books - as I noted in my guest post on organizer D. Allison Lee's blog. (You might want to look at that post to see seven other neat organizing products.)

Anyone have a favorite?

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JustGail said...

Lovely address books. I still keep a paper version, as I don't always want to go to the computer to get addresses. I currently have an old bound-pages book, and need to get started transferring to the new one (loose leaf version). The issue is, the Dear Sweet Child got his hands on the new one, and marked up many of the pages. I'm glad you included the one with no pre-printed pages. Why is it that it never occured to me to just buy some nice pretty paper and use it blank?? But then, my new one is not nearly as pretty as these. Is it wrong to want something pretty if you are the one "stuck" doing the Christmas cards? Not that I mind doing it, I'd just rather be doing something else.

A tip for address books - tape the return address labels in the book. It saves a lot of writing, and for some of us, is much more readable.

Anonymous said...

Just more clutter.

Jeri Dansky said...

JustGail, I don't think it's ever wrong to want a pretty organizing tool; we're all more likely to use our tools and be happier about it if we LIKE them. Of course, any purchase should fit a person's budget - but a nice address book is a smaller splurge than many other products.

The trick seems to be to actually DO the transfer of addresses. I see many folks with nice new books that have never been used.

Anonymous, I don't understand how an address book can be clutter if you use it to keep track of people's addresses and phone numbers. Everyone I know needs some sort of tool for this purpose, and many still like a book.

Anonymous said...

Classic, classy and tactile: Smythons of Bond Street have always made me want to go back to pen and paper for contacts.

Jeri Dansky said...

Ooh - nice one, Lissanne.

I'm a digital address book person, myself - but I still ogle the lovely paper products.

Deb Lee said...

Jeri ~ I love all of these address books! I especially like "My Peeps." I'll have to admire them from afar since my phone is my contacts keeper. Thanks for sharing these great products and for your awesome guest post. =)

Lindsay said...

Love the stationary finds! Technology is essential these days however its nice to keeep hard copies and these note/address books are fun and professional looking! Another great find!