Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jewelry Storage: Three Options for Earrings

earring and jewelry organizer, fabric wall hanging

Like to have your jewelry out on display, so you remember what you have? KikiBella has a number of lovely products made with "poke-friendly fabrics." [via Simpler Living / Naomi Seldin. Photo used with permission from Kristie Garafola of KikiBella.]

cherry wood rotating earring display

Holzfurhaus has this rotating earring display, made with beautiful woods.

book-like thing to store earrings

And if you'd prefer to have your earrings tucked away rather than on display, the Little Book of Earrings from Not a Jewellery Box might suit your fancy. [Photo from Bouf]

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Lee said...

I really like the book. It would be easy to put it with other real books so no one knows how to find your jewelry.

Anonymous said...

I love the top one! Her fabric choices are beautiful.

El Bilson said...

These are really cute jewelery organization options - thanks for sharing!

Jeri Dansky said...

Lee, I agree - the book is really a clever idea. Having once had my home broken into (not my current home) and my jewelry stolen, I'm always conscious of the risk of theft - and losing pieces that have sentimental value.

Simpler Living, I agree about those fabrics, too. Thanks for pointing me her way!