Monday, November 5, 2007

Selective Perfectionism

poster touting mediocrity

I just read Julie Morgenstern's Never Check E-Mail in the Morning - not my favorite book, but I very much liked some of her points. Here's one of those.
Perfectionists tend to evaluate everything they do in one of two grades, either perfect of a complete disaster - there is no in-between. This approach is demoralizing, depressing, and unimaginative.

A lack of perspective leaves perfectionists feeling crushed by the weight of their own expectations. . . .

Perfectionism has its place - you can and should hang on to your eye for excellence - but apply it only when it really counts. In the unique stresses of today's workplace, every perfectionist . . . needs to undergo an evolutionary adjustment, and develop what I call selective perfectionism - the art of deciding which tasks need to be perfect, and which ones can just be good enough.

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Ariane Benefit said...

Excellent! I have found that not only do I have to be selective, but also redefine what excellent means to me. : )