Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Own Decluttering

medicine disposal - don't flish down toilet

Yes, just like everyone else, clutter builds up in my house over time. I've just dedicated some time to clearing it out, and my home feels much better now.

Some of the things I discarded:

- Prescription medicine I stopped taking two years ago. (It's in the car for drop-off at a medicine disposal site on Thursday.)

- Perfume I bought in Provence many years ago, and wore twice.

- Cat toys that my kitties chewed up a bit and then ignored for the last year.

- Clothes that don't look good now that I've lost weight. And clothes I should never have bought - what was I thinking when I got those capris? All the clothes are in good condition, so they are going to the local thrift store.

- Lots and lots of paper: newspaper and magazine clippings, things printed off the web, old travel brochures. In some cases I now have a digital replacement (a bookmark or a file); in more cases I just realized I had no need for the information at all. That 20 year old clipping about a little undiscovered town in Hawaii isn't going to do me any good, and neither is that 15 year old restaurant review.

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Blue Yonder said...

Yee-haw! Jeri walks the talk! Nice job, enjoy the clutter liberation!