Monday, November 12, 2007

The Joy of Jewelry Mannequins

jewelry mannequin in white gown

Last night I stumbled upon an organizing product that was new to me: the jewelry mannequin (or jewellery mannequin, if you are in the U.K. or Australia).

Let's start with some from the U.K. The one above is the first one I saw, and it's still one of my favorites.

jewelry mannequin in dress from My Fair Lady

I found a store in Newbury, Berkshire selling almost ninety different mannequins, including this one - the dress Audrey Hepburn wore in My Fair Lady. They ship worldwide, too. Update on July 29, 2014: Sadly, the store that sold this seems to have disappeared from the internet.

jewelry mannequin in green corset

While many feature elegant dresses, some take a very different approach. Update on Feb. 12, 2010: Unfortunately, I can no longer find a source for this one.

jewelry mannequin shown with jewelry hung from it

You can buy a jewelry mannequin from Cancer Research UK and support (what I assume is) a good cause. Update on Oct. 18, 2011: This product is no longer available through Cancer Research UK.

jewelry mannequin in red off-the-shoulder evening gown

Coming back over the ocean, I did find some j ewelry mannequins in elegant gowns available in the USA. Update September 12, 2008: This is a new picture and a new link; the company I originally linked to no longer has jewelry mannequins for sale. I like this one better, anyway! Update October 18, 2011: I'm no longer finding this one for sale.

jewlery mannequin in denim outfit

And then there's a place selling many mannequins with the denim look.

dress frame jewelry mannequin

But there was also this dress frame version.

3 jewelry mannequins - just metal form, no clothing

And there's this set of three - a very different style. Update on Feb. 12, 2010: I'm no longer finding these on the web.

wrought iron dress form for jewelry

Here's a wrought iron dress form. Update Sept. 12, 2008: This replaces a prior listing of a wire dress form, sold by a company that no longer has a web site.

blue wire dress holding jewelry

And finally, here's a wire dress with jewelry on it, so you can see how this style can be used. Unfortunately, this product is sold out. Update September 12, 2008: This replaces a previous illustration from eBay; the link to the item no longer worked.

[Thanks to Vogue Australia Forums, where I first heard of jewelry mannequins.]


Louise said...

Interesting; I've never seen these before. They remind me of some wire trees made to display holiday ornaments.

My nieces have jewelry holders that feature perforated metal to hold pierced earrings. The metal is part of an overall design of a butterfly or flower. I think they might like the dress forms as they get older and have more French wire earrings, necklaces and other dangley items.

I prefer enclosed organization items such as the gourds you featured in a previous post. They are much less likely to get dusty!

Jeri Dansky said...

Louise, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who had never seen these! They remind me of ornament trees, too.

And you raise a good point about the dust. Many earring storage options are subject to that problem, although there are options like this one.

Anonymous said...

I have a fabulous box that I use as a jewelery organizer that used to hold Godiva chocolates. The top has a lid that opens to reveal individually separated compartments holding my earrings (that used to hold wrapped chocolate squares) and there is a lower drawer to pull out where I put my necklaces. Love it!!

Jeri Dansky said...

Cara: So I'm not the only one reusing candy boxes, even if mine came from Joseph Schmidt.

I didn't think of leaving the compartments in place and using them for jewelry, though - that's a great idea! Thanks for sharing.