Monday, November 26, 2007

German Tins with Tasty Treats

tin with castle picture

A Christmas vacation in Germany some years ago introduced me to tins filled with lebkuchen (gingerbread), a traditional German Christmas treat; I still have the one I received as a gift. Now I'm noticing that a number of these available on-line. You get something good to eat plus a reusable storage container.

Haeberlein-Metzger has a number of choices, including the one shown above. Update on Nov. 27, 2009: The tins change every year, so this specific one is probably no longer available.

tin with Christmas image

Schmidt makes some nice tins - and this one is even a music box. (Novala at Lost in Transit thinks Schmidt makes the best gingerbread in the world.)

tin shaped like a truck

Lambertz also makes some wonderful tins, including this truck and some clock tins. Update on Nov. 27, 2009: I no longer see the clock tins.

oval Christmas tin

And Asbach Uralt makes a couple of oval tins. Update on Nov. 27, 2009: This tin holds chocolates, not lebkuchen.

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