Friday, November 16, 2007

Reader Question: Wall-Mounted Jewelry Racks

wooden wall mounted jewelry rack

After I posted about jewelry mannequins, a reader asked:
I used to hang my necklaces on pins in my closet but after staging [the home for sale], that went away. Then I had stuff hidden away on a closet shelf and forgot to wear any of it. If you ever see a wall system that I could again hang in my closet that would be ideal!
There are some very nice wall-mounted jewelry racks, and I'm glad to mention a few. Jim Fiola makes lovely jewelry racks from multiple woods, as shown above; they come in various sizes.

jewelry rack in cherry

DavlinsWoods also has attractive jewelry racks in various sizes, made from oak, maple, or cherry.

jewelry rack - one row for earrings, one for necklaces

Davin & Kessler makes this beautiful rack; the wood is Birdseye maple.

wire jewelry tree,

Over on Etsy, Claudine's Closet is currently sold out of wall-mounted jewelry trees, but I imagine there will be more soon - and the owner also does some custom work. It's out of stock because the reader who asked the question wound up buying this one! Update on December 5, 2009: Claudine's Closet has closed, but you can now find Claudine's jewelry display products at her new Etsy shop: Claudine's Limited.


Yazmin said...

Where would i be able to buy my mum something like this? its amazing

Jeri Dansky said...

Yazmin, I don't know which product you were interested in - but I just fixed two broken links, so you should be able to click the links and find whichever product you want.

Claudine's Closet (now on eBay, not Etsy) doesn't show any wall-mounted racks right now, but perhaps you could contact the vendor and ask about having one made. (Go to and click on Contact Member. You'll need to have an eBay account - that's free - and be logged in.)