Saturday, September 1, 2007

September 2007 Organizing Tips and More

Grooks, by Piet Hein

My September newsletter is now available.

Tip of the Month: Where to Start

Product of the Month: Itoya Profolio Books

Organizing Poem of the Month: T.T.T., by Piet Hein

Organizing Event of the Month: National Preparedness Month
This one is really important, so I'm including an excerpt here:

If someone had to come into your home (or the home of someone you care about), would they know:

- Where to find the Advance Health Care Directive and Financial Power of Attorney? And the medical history, the list of medicines being taken, and any known allergies?

- How to take care of the pets?

- The passwords to get onto the computer and access e-mail?

- The location of the checkbook, safe deposit box, and the key to that box?

- All the oddities that most homes have - the special way you need to jiggle the handle on the toilet, etc.?

- Who should be notified of the situation, and their addresses and phone numbers?

If not, please consider getting this information (and much more) pulled together and made available to those who might need it in an emergency.

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