Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nine Options for Storing Your Knives

Knife Loop

The CulinHome Speed Loop magnetic knife rack - which I just discovered - inspired this list featuring some of the many options for storing your knives. This is the white version - it's also avilable with a black or wood center.

individual knife magnets

Another interesting magnetic option comes from Denmark: the ScanWood knife magnets, available through many on-line retailers in the UK, and through Tivoli Home in the USA. [via Apartment Therapy] Update on March 13, 2010: Tivoli Home no longer carries this product.

individual knife magnets

Uncommon Goods sells knife magnets that use the same individual knife approach, but have a different look.

I've already written about the MIKOTO bamboo knife block from Ekobo; the Kapoosh knife block is another one with no pre-set slots.

bamboo knife block

If you want a more traditional-looking knife block, Wusthof has two made from bamboo: model 7277 and 7278. Calphalon also makes a bamboo knife block. Shun Ken Onion is another bamboo option. Update on March 13, 2010: Wusthof's current models 7277 and 7278 are not made of bamboo. However, Wusthof does sell some interesting knife blocks!

knife frame

Another interesting counter top option is the CulinHome Knife Frame . [via Popgadget]

magnetic wood knife block

And then there's the Messermeister MagnaBlock Pro - quite a mouthful, and quite an unusual product. Magnets inside the block hold the knives in place.

under cabinet knife block

Really squeezed for space? Take a look at the Wusthof under-cabinet knife block. Update on March 13: This was originally called Wusthof-Trident, but it's being identified as simply Wusthof now.

in-drawer knife block

After years of using a magnetic knife rack, I switched to an in-drawer knife block when I got nervous about the knives and the cats; I really like it. Update on June 18, 2011: Sur La Table no longer sells a house brand in-drawer knife block, but it does sell other ones.

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