Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Modular Storage: A Stylish Option from Italy

Lazzari modular shelving under stairs / staircase

Just a few days ago I wrote about modular shelving - and it seems as soon as I do a round-up like this, I find at least one more neat option.

In this case, that additional neat option is the Italian modular furniture from Lazzari. It's eye-catching, with colorful drawers and leather handles. The web site has some nice photos to get you thinking about how you might combine the various components, which aren't limited to just a single-size cube.

Available from Colours Ltd in the UK; overseas inquiries welcome.

Lazzari is a brand of Foppapedretti S.p.A., whose web site has some different illustrations which are worth a look.

[via Optimist]

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