Saturday, September 8, 2007

Organize Magazine September/October 2007

Organize Magazine cover

How could an organizer not read the newly-launched Organize Magazine? I imagine I'm not the typical reader; I quickly scan for new ideas and products, and was happy to find a few in this second edition. (Note: The picture above is not the September/October edition; I forgot to snap a picture of mine before tearing off the address label, and making it non-photographable.)

scrapbook in a box

I'm not a scrapbooker, but I know many people who are - or who would like to be, but never seem to make the time. So I was intrigued by SEI's 1-Hour Albums: the scrapbook in a bag and the scrapbook in a box (one of which is shown above). I've noticed that other scrapbooking companies are also providing do-it-quicker options; for example, Creative Memories now has PicFolio Albums designed to speed up the scrapbooking process.

wastebasket, nesting bins, and crayon caddy

The other product line that was new to me was the Tatutina line of children's products: wastebaskets, nesting bins, crayon caddies, pegboards, etc. Choose from dinosaurs, jungle animals, fish and mermaids, and more.

two recipe boxes

Tatutina also has some recipe boxes as part of their Cucina Tatutina line. Take a look at that oven one!

There were also articles on some old favorites: See Jane Work and craigslist.

But there was one product listed that made no sense to me - an internet journal to "keep track of all your favorite internet sites." Why wouldn't you keep track of these on your computer - through favorites (Internet Explorer browser) or bookmarks (Safari and Firefox browsers), through bookmark management tools, or through a social bookmarking site like

And I wish they hadn't shown a child working on a computer in what seemed to be a very non-ergonomically correct position.

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