Friday, September 7, 2007

Field Trip to Stacks and Stacks

two pictures of the Storvino wine storage system; each component holds six bottles

Now that I'm writing for the Stacks and Stacks Clutter Control Freak blog, I decided to visit their store in Santa Rosa, California, since it's not that far from me, and a family outing put me in the general vicinity.

Stacks and Stacks is primarily a web store; the physical store isn't very big, and has nowhere near the same selection (which they make a point of telling you on the web site, so this wasn't a surprise).

Still, it was nice to see some new and different products in person. I've written about my favorite product - some shelving, to my amazement - on their blog.

I also saw the Storvino wine storage system that I read about recently (shown above). This might be very practical, but I didn't like the plastic look.

Update: The Stacks and Stacks store in Santa Rosa is now closed.

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