Monday, August 26, 2013

Small Kitchen Space-Savers: Stacking Mugs, Nesting Pans and More

stacking coffee cups with bear wearing tweed jacket and a tie

If you have a kitchen with limited storage space, things that nest or stack well can help make the most of that space. And some of the stackable and nesting options are pretty amazing — such as the stacking coffee cups from Jimbobart.

stacking mugs

Not into animals? Take a look at Typhoon, which has both stacking mugs and stacking espresso cups.

stacking mug - blue

And for gorgeous solid color stacking mugs, you can head over to Heath Ceramics.

nesting set of bowls, colander, sieve and measuring cups, in bright colors

Moving beyond mugs, let's look at the Nest series of food preparation products from Joseph Joseph. This is the Nest 9 Plus, with five measuring cups, a small mixing bowl, a mesh sieve, a colander, and a large mixing bowl. There's also the Nest 100, which has stainless steel bowls.

nesting pan set, in blue, green, purple and red

And finally, I want to thank organizer Jacki Hollywood Brown for reminding me about the products from Lakeland. I mentioned the nesting pan set in an earlier post, but there's also a nesting bakeware set — and the colourful nesting pan set shown above, which comes with two detachable handles.

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JustGail said...

Those stacking cups make me want to put our mish-mash motley crew of mugs in the donate box and buy several sets of these!

Yes, it really would be decluttering, as the matched stacking mugs would take up far less space and be less dangerous than what we have now. The stacking is...let's just say it needs to be done with a light hand.

siravi said...

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