Thursday, August 8, 2013

Not Your Ordinary Wall-Mounted Knife Racks

wood wall-mounted knife rack with slot for knives - walnut

Yesterday, we looked at five knife blocks — but what if you lack counter space, and would prefer a knife rack? I've got five more interesting choices to show you, starting with the knife racks from OnOurTable. They come in two lengths — that's the shorter one above — and there's also one with a shelf extending out in front of the knife slots. Besides having cool products, OnOurShelf says, "We are 100% committed to local manufacturing, sustainable materials & ethical production." You can also find the OnOurTable knife racks at Wood Design. [via Better Living Through Design] Update on Jan. 10, 2016: The Wood Design website has disappeared.

wall-mounted knife rack with slot for knives - New Zealand native timber
wood wall-mounted knife rack with slot for knives - made from recycled fencing

Billdan Design, based in New Zealand, has knife racks with a similar knife-slot design, but a rougher look. Many of the racks are made, in part, from recycled timber. Update on Jan. 10, 2016: BillDan still sells knife racks, but not this specific design.

wall-mounted magnetized knife rack - redwood

If you'd prefer a magnetized rack, you've got some lovely choices, too. Uusi makes these simple, elegant racks from old-growth, reclaimed cypress or redwood. As the company explains: "The wood selected for our knife holder was milled from early 20th Century water towers built in Chicago. This 300+ year-old wood with its natural staining and distinct characteristics lends a sense of history and beauty to this functional object making each one unique." You can get them made in custom sizes, too.

wall-mounted magnetic knife rack - bamboo

Meriwether of Montana has a few different options for storing knives; this knife holder is made from bamboo.

wall-mounted magnetic knife rack in bamboo, oak or beech

wall-mounted magnetic knife rack in six colors: green, orange, blue, red, white, black

And finally, Bisbell makes a knife rack in three different woods and six different colors.

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