Thursday, August 22, 2013

Aprons with Pockets: Vendor Aprons, Bistro Aprons, Gardening Aprons and More

vendor apron, pocket with zipper, orange

If you're working in the kitchen, the garden, the art studio — anywhere you want to have a few tools handy all the time — an apron with pockets can be a useful tool. And aprons come in a huge range of styles, so there's something for everyone. Here are a few that caught my eye recently.

Let's start with the canvas, unisex, solid-color vendor aprons from Mzdesigns, available in 11 colors. They're intended for people working at craft fairs, but they could certainly have plenty of other uses. The zippered pocket would make the contents more secure than with some other designs.

half apron with pockets, floral design
apron pockets holding scissors, cell phone and more

If you'd prefer a half apron in a pattern, you could look at the large selection of aprons from AnnaTere Designs. These aprons have three pockets which are each 8 inches deep; zipper pockets, or velcro for existing pockets, can be added for an additional fee.

bistro apron, blue and white
bistro apron, unisex, striped, blue and white

A Kitschy Kitchen does a new take on bistro aprons; the three pockets here are each 9 inches deep. Some of the aprons are specifically designed to be unisex.

suede tool roll apron, pink, for the garden

Bradley's Tannery makes this lovely-looking suede tool roll apron, which can also be found at The Worm That Turned. The same apron also comes in blue and chocolate brown, and Bradley's has a number of other gardening aprons, too.

apron, striped, three pockets

Want a full apron? Hedley & Bennett has a nice selection, sold here. [via Better Living Through Design and The New York Times]

apron, floral, large pocket

Garson Jasper also has some lovely kitchen aprons.

waxed-canvas apron with leather pockets
apron with pockets, holding tools

And finally, here's the Gentleman's Apron from TRVR, made from waxed canvas and genuine leather. [via Uncrate]

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Louise said...

These are very cool! There are times I definitely will want to be carrying a few tools on the boat, but many of my clothes have no or inadequate pockets. Thanks for these nifty ideas.

Jeri Dansky said...

Louise, something like a nurse pack could work, too - if you're just looking for practical, not attractive. I found out about these from some of my fellow organizers, Helen Preston and Hazel Thornton.