Wednesday, August 14, 2013

An Organizer Declutters Her Bathroom

Monday night, I had my book group over to my house — which means I spent part of Monday doing some house cleaning. Along the way, I found some interesting things to declutter — interesting to me, at any rate!

The first was some toilet bowl cleaner lurking at the back of an under-the-sink cabinet. I had two almost-full bottles, from two different companies — which would be bad enough, but I don't even use toilet bowl cleaner. (I don't find I need a special-purpose cleaner for the toilet.) So these both got freecycled.

The other was some soap. My soap dish has slats along the bottom, so excess water drains onto the counter — good for preserving the soap, but a mess on the countertop. And the dish itself gets to be a bit of a mess pretty quickly, too, with soap sticking to the sides and the slats. Hmm, I thought — maybe it's time for a new soap dish.

And then it dawned on me there was an easier answer. At my other bathroom sink I have a bottle of liquid soap — and I could just use liquid soap at both sinks, eliminating one clean-up job that I always disliked. So my current bar of soap went into the trash, and some spare soap got freecycled.

So now my bathroom is a bit less cluttered and a bit more functional, and that makes me happy.


Marcie Lovett said...

I'm with you on the liquid soap, Jeri. I discovered the joys of liquid soap years ago: I couldn't stand the mess that bar soap made, so I switched and never looked back!

I'm always amazed at the multitude of specialty cleaning products that people have. Each bottle or tube takes up space and makes the work appear to be more laborious than it needs to be. Cut back on cleaning products, people, and see if the work doesn't go a little faster and easier.

Julie Bestry said...

I'm with you. I never liked the goopy mess and was an early adopter of liquid soap (and body wash instead of bath bar soap). I prefer the foaming liquid soap, as it doesn't drip any little globs onto the edge of the sink. Hurray for your soapy conversion!

Get Organized Already said...

This was fun. A look into your home instead of outside products (which are also fun)!
I had to stop using bar soap at the sink because my large dog eats it! I like locally made-by-hand bar soap that is all natural. I guess Gauge doors as well. Ha!

Jeri Dansky said...

Get Organized Already, I've got a friend who makes all-natural soap, which is one reason it took a while for me to decide that, for me, bar soap was more trouble than it was worth. My cats weren't much interested in the soap, though. :-)

Marcie, I just recently wrote a post for Unclutterer about decluttering the cleaning supplies.

Julie, I'm with you - I switched to body wash in the shower some time ago. Just didn't think of doing the same for the sink and my hands!