Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Not Your Ordinary Knife Blocks

knife block with shelf for iPad
knife block with shelf for tablet computer

I love my iPad — so when I saw this knife block with a shelf for a tablet, I knew it was time to write about knife blocks again. This knife block is made by Victorinox, although I'm not seeing it on the Victorinox web site yet. [via I New Idea]

custom-made large knife block; woods = cherry and maple

Other knife blocks appealed to me because they're simply gorgeous. For example, take a look at the Mike Methieu's custom knife blocks, on his own website or on

custom knife block for 10 knives

And here's a very different custom knife block from Phil Crane of Artistry in Wood.

upright knife block for up to 20 knives

Need to store a lot of knives of varying sizes? This knife block from Ute Design of Australia, which holds up to 20 knives, was designed for cooks like you.

knife blocks - 3 sizes - made from reclaimed wood

And then there are the knife blocks made from reclaimed wood. These come from Viva Terra, but I found similar (if not identical) products at Bambeco and Gracious Home.

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