Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Piggy Banks: A Home for Your Spare Change

floral-painted piggy bank

Change is good. — Piggy Bank World

I'm one of those people who uses up her change pretty quickly; I don't need a piggy bank. But I still admire the cool ones I find, like the Talavera and Majolica piggy banks from Talavera Emporium.

piggy bank shaped like a dachshund dog

Of course, coin banks don't need to be pigs; take a look at the various beasties from Little Pig Pottery. [via Stacy Cheriff's Pinterest board]

blue piggy bank

I love the color on this piggy bank from Denise Caron Wilkey of DC Stoneware; there's a green fish-shaped bank available, too.

sperm-shaped piggy bank

And for something very different — and a really bad pun — there's the sperm bank.

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