Wednesday, December 12, 2012

For Visual People: Keeping Those Little Notes Close at Hand

desktop tower with slots that hold papers

Have a bunch of little notes that keep letting lost on your desk? You could start taking notes another way — in a dedicated notebook or in a computer-based tool, for example — or you could just make it easier for those notes to not get buried.

One way to keep the notes close at hand would be Babel, from Adam+Harborth Design. You can buy it from Cow&Co in either white beech or dark oak.

peacock-shaped desktop memo holder

The Freddy Feathers memo holder, available in blue, green and white, can be found at Monkey Business and at Animi Causa.

desktop paper / memo holder

The Fierzo desk organizer from Alessi has two stainless steel frames held together by clips; you can choose from two sizes. You can buy it from Alessi, from YLiving, and a number of other places. [via Better Living Through Design]

desktop cork globe

And finally, there's this desktop cork globe from Pat Kim Design. [via fellow organizer Julie Bestry] Update on August 5, 2014: I'm no longer finding this product on Pat Kim's website.

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