Monday, December 3, 2012

Gift-Giving Ideas: Consumables Are More Than Chocolates and Wine

TONX, or how I learned to stop worrying and make great coffee at home

I've got nothing against chocolate and wine. Really! But if you'd like to give a consumable gift, here are some more ideas to get you thinking.

1. Coffee beans by monthly subscription

Around here, I've heard people say good things about Tonx, and it's easy to give a gift subscription. Springwise pointed me to Kopi in the U.K; again, gift subscriptions are easy.

The Pig's Traditional Bacon Club

2. Bacon by monthly subscription

The Pig Next Door says: "Get ready to enjoy bacon the way it's supposed to taste, and remember: We all deserve better bacon." If someone on your gift list is a bacon fan (and it seems like so very many people are), you might consider a membership in The Pig's Traditional Bacon Club. [via Apartment Therapy]

six packages of regional wildflower seed bombs

3. Seed Bombs

Give someone a gift for the spring to come. VisuaLingua, which sells regional wildflower seed bombs, says: "Seed bombs can be planted in the spring, summer and early fall. Just throw and grow! The ball will break up on impact with the ground, and rain will further disintegrate it. The red clay and worm castings in the seed bombs enrich the soil around the seeds, helping your wildflowers grow. You can purchase this item during the fall and winter months; just remember to keep the seed bombs cool, dark and dry until all danger of frost has passed in the spring, and then throw them as usual."

The VisuaLingua seed bombs are also sold by Branch, which is where I first noticed them. Branch notes: "They're perfect for tossing into a garden, vacant lot, or wherever else you'd like to create a burst of wildflowers."

And for more seed bomb options, take a look at Greenaid, which sells pollinator-friendly seed bombs and pet forage seed bombs, as well as seed bombs dedicated to flowers and to edibles. [via Inhabitat]

chai spice all natural lip balm

4. Lip Balms

Looking for a stocking stuffer? Sure, you can get basic lip balms anywhere. But the shea butter lip balms from Eden, in 9 flavors ranging from rosemary mint to chai spice to cafe latte, sure sound nice.

colored bubble, red
colored bubble, green

5. Zubbles: Colored bubbles

Soap bubbles are fun, and Zubbles sound like an interesting variation. Like the art supplies I mentioned in an earlier post, this is a kid-focused item that will get used up, instead of hanging around and cluttering up the house.

help I have a stuffy nose - nasal decongestants
help I've cut myself and I want to save a life - bandages and marrow registry kit

6. Help Remedies

Here's another stocking stuffer — the little packages from Help that each deal with a specific medical issue. Do you have a stuffy nose? A headache? A blister? Help has a remedy for you.

There's one product I especially want to mention, one that's a bit out of the ordinary for Help. While there's a standard Help, I've cut myself product, the one I'm showing above also includes a bone marrow donor registry kit. If you're a healthy person between the ages of 18 and 55, please consider registering; it's easy, and you could be starting on the path to giving someone the gift of life — for real.  [via Amit Gupta]

Note: This particular Help product is out of stock at the moment, but you could always register online with DKMS, which will mail you a swab kit.

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1-2-3...Get Organized said...

What fun ideas! But I will take good quality chocolate any time. :)

VisuaLingual said...

What a fantastic roundup, and thanks so much for including our regional wildflower seed bombs! We're happy to offer 12 different varieties, including herbs, dog & cat friendly, edible flowers, and much more, plus several seed bomb kits. You can view our full assortment in our online shop. Happy holidays!