Friday, December 7, 2012

Making the Big Decisions about Your Time

Amanda Palmer album cover

I've written a lot about managing your time by saying "no" when need be. But I was thinking of the routine choices we all need to make. Should I go to the event I just got invited to? Should I take on that volunteer role everyone thinks would be perfect for me?

But sometimes the choices are much bigger.

Amanda Palmer has a new album out; the production was funded through a very successful Kickstarter. The reviews are great, and she had a major tour planned, including Australia and Europe.

And yesterday she cancelled her upcoming year of touring. The implications are huge, for both her and the people in her band, and all of her supporting staff.

But as Amanda writes, "My best friend is really sick and his future is uncertain." He has leukemia and is beginning treatment. She has to be with him. There's really no other choice to be made.

And as I read through the responses from her fans, they all agree. And many have shared stories of their own needs to be with gravely ill friends and family members — and stories of regrets from those who weren't able to be there.
From Laura Packer: I had cancer 18 years ago. It meant the world to me that my best friend was there.

From Allie: Someone who was important to me died of cancer when I was halfway around the world. I still cry sometimes because I wasn't there.

From Stacey Booth: I lost my mom. You'll never regret time spent with ones you love. It's the times you weren't there that crush your heart.
When our friends and family need us, I hope we'll all be able to be there with them. And this was also a reminder to make the time to be with (or at least stay in touch with) those important people when things are going well, too. I just made a date with my own best friend; we're a bit overdue.


Laura said...

Thanks for posting this. It did mean the world to me that my best friend was there, and it has shaped my decisions about time since. I'm glad you and your best friend are spending some time together.

Jeri Dansky said...

Thanks for sharing your story, Laura. I can only imagine what you went through, and how important having your friend there with you must have been.

I spent hours today catching up with my friend, and it was wonderful. Thank you (and everyone else who wrote to Amanda) for reminding me, again, just how important it is to make time for those we cherish.