Monday, August 13, 2012

Where to Store the Wine? Try the Wall!

wall-mounted wine rack, holding 12 bottles

Looking to create more storage space for your wine? Consider looking to your walls! There are many wall-mounted wine racks to choose from; let's start with this one from the Italian company Calligaris, sold here and through many other web sites.

wall-mounted wine rack, holding 10 bottles

Another Italian design is the Entoca wine rack from Legnoart, which is sold by Gessato.

wall-mounted wine rack, wood, holding 8 bottles

If you'd prefer to support an individual craftsman, you might like this wine rack from Piser Designs, also sold by Sawbridge Studios. Another one to consider is the Winescape from Paul Allen Design.

wall-mounted wine rack, aqua blue, holding 5 bottles

Want a splash of color? Here's the Waves wine rack, from the Sunset Collective.

wall-mounted wine rack, like a shelf with holes in it, where necks get inserted

This is Vineyard, from Pack & Rack; it comes in three different woods.

wall-mounted modular wine storage system

Finally, for something very different, take a look at the STACT modular wine wall. The company has already more than met its Kickstarter goal, with over 30 days left to go. [via Freshome]

Of course, when selecting where to place these racks, you'll want to follow the basics of good wine storage, keeping the wine cool and away from any sunlight.

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Ronda Bowen said...

For our wine storage, we were storing our wine in two different roll-top cabinets. This became insufficient. We were very lucky to find a 150 bottle rack available on Freecycle. We organized our wines by type and went from lightest to darkest/heaviest. It looks so fabulous in our dining area.

Jeri Dansky said...

Hurrah for Freecycle!

And as someone who lives in earthquake territory, I was very glad to read that you've bolted your rack to the wall.

Ronda Bowen said...

Ah, yes - that's where we're at, so yup! The tower is bolted securely into the wall.