Friday, August 3, 2012

Turn Old T-Shirts Into Totes

tote bag made from T-shirts

Souvenir T-shirts can be hard to let go of — even when we have way too many of them. You could just take photos of them and then give them away — or you could repurpose some.

A number of companies will turn your old T-shirts into T-shirt quilts for you, but another option is turn them into some sort of tote bag. If you aren't handy enough (or don't have time enough) to do this yourself, there are companies that can help.

Project Repat is one of the companies creating custom tote bags; send in four T-shirts, and "2-4 weeks later, the T-shirt fairy will return your T-shirts as a functional and fashionable bag." That's a Project Repat bag at the top of this post. Project Repat can create blankets and ties from your old T-shirts, too. [via Melissa Gavin]

tote bag made from T-shirts and race numbers

Are you a racer of some sort: runner, swimmer, cyclist, etc.? Have a collection of both T-shirts and race numbers? Races R My Bag can turn these into custom bags of various styles and sizes. Most require both T-shirts and race numbers, but there's also one that's made from T-shirts only.

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