Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Manage the Magazine Mess with Magazine Files

M is for Magazine, as Jimmie of Up Till Now would like to remind you. If you have a treasured magazine collection, and want to show off some of those magazines — or keep a few close at hand — this might be a fine way to do so.

Want to store those magazines in acid-free and lignin-free file holders? Hollinger Metal Edge has the products for you.

These magazine files, sold by the Green Stationery Company, are "made from sustainably-sourced beech from Germany." I also found a German site selling what seems to be the same product.

CB2 has chalkboard magazine holders — which would make labeling a snap. [via swissmiss and Apartment Therapy]

And if you prefer the cardboard variety, take a look at the magazine holders from DCWV Ink, some of which can be found at My Pretty Office.

And finally, there are the magazine holders from Punch Studio, sold by Crystal Griffin Home (via Amazon) and Touch of Europe.

Of course, another way to manage the magazines is to decide you don't need many of them — and either recycle them or find them new homes.

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Rozhmaizite said...

The one with the peacock is just awesome!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Jeri! Just wanted to say "thank you" for featuring our Ciao Bella by DCWV magazine files on your blog! Sue Ringer, Owner, My Pretty Office