Thursday, August 23, 2012

One Simple Way to Store the Pony Tail Holders

ponytail holders on a carabiner
Carabiner used to store hair ties; photo from Kim of Hippie Hugger, used with permission

Yesterday I saw the following tweet from Erin Doland: "Idea for unitasker I'd buy: a pony tail holder dispenser for your car/desk." Reading this, I wondered: Does anyone make a pony tail holder dispenser? I went looking, and I couldn't find one.

But Erin's lament is a common one. Whether you call them pony tail holders, hair elastics, hairbands, hair ties or something else, they sure do seem to wind up all over the place.

And while there are many ways they could be stored — small bowls or baskets, zippered pouches, magnetic tinsover-the-door shoe organizers, etc. — the one suggestion I found most often was to store them on a carabiner. That's what Kim of Hippie Hugger did. Jilly did the same. So they sort of create their own dispensers.

And some people, like Deanna, do the same sort of thing with shower curtain rings.

hairband ball

One more thought: Would a hairband ball count as a dispenser? This is the 99 Hairbandz from NPW, available from Tigertree.


Erin said...

Great ideas!! Thank you, Jeri!!

Louise said...

I've been using the carabiner method since I started growing my hair out. Found the idea on Pinterest. Works great!

Jeri Dansky said...

You're very welcome, Erin!

Louise, I'm glad to hear another testimonial for the carabiner method - thanks for commenting!