Monday, March 12, 2012

Spare Toilet Paper: Five Fun Storage Options, Plus a Practical One

toilet paper holder shaped like an angel, with cloud-shaped shelf for extra toilet paper

Who knew organizing the toilet paper could be so heavenly? Meet Séraphin and St. Cloud from C.QUOI; they can hold your current roll and some spares. See the C.QUOI web site for purchasing information; you can also get Séraphin from Maginéa and Kdesign.

toilet paper peg rack; holds 12 rolls

This toilet paper storage solution, from PA-Design, comes in white, black, and a natural wood tone. You can get it from PA-Design, Thisdas or Kdesign.

giraffe-shaped toilet paper holder

This cast iron giraffe toilet paper holder accommodates two rolls. It can be found many places, including Art & Artifact, Signals, and Grandin Road.

spare toilet paper mounted on inside of cabinet door

Of course, you could be purely practical and use the Bottoms Spare Toilet Paper Holder, mounted on the inside of a cabinet door. Organized A to Z carries the product. Update on Sept. 14, 2016: Organized A to Z no longer carries this, and the eBay page that sold it no longer does so.

toilet paper roll covers in three patterns

But what if you want to keep your toilet paper out on a shelf or a countertop? The you might want a toilet paper roll cover, and Jonathan Adler has designed some for Cottonelle. You can read more about this collaboration at Casasugar.

crocheted chick toilet paper cover

And finally, you could go retro and get a crocheted toilet paper cover. This one comes from Lucy's Art Emporium on Etsy.

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JustGail said...

That last one reminded me of the crochet cover in the form of doll in a crochet dress with a huge skirt my grandmother used to have. I don't think that roll was ever used though, it was simply decoration.

Sabrina said...

The Giraffe toilet paper holder is so funny. =)

Laura said...

I think my heart skipped a beat when I seen the giraffe it's adorable and I really want one now.

Jeri Dansky said...

JustGail: Ah, this kind of thing, right?

Sabrina and Lauradora, I'm so glad you enjoyed the giraffe!