Friday, March 30, 2012

Got Books? Get Bookends!

Yeti bookends

I love books; most of my clients love books; and many of you, my readers, love your books. So even though I wrote about bookends not all that long ago, I wanted to share my most recent discoveries — because these Yeti bookends from Sinki Industry were too wonderful not to share, right away.

Update on April 12, 2012: I've received an email from Andrea Everyman, who writes: "I wanted to let you know that the Sinki company is using my yeti shadow puppet character for the design of those bookends without my permission. I just found out about this a few days ago and am desperately trying to protect my original design. Sinki is a South Korean company and they have not responded to my emails." Given this, I'm removing all links to these bookends and everything else from Sinki, as well as all the information on where to buy the bookends.

fetish bear bookends

NC Rustic sells a number of bookends made by Ironwood Industries, but these Zuni Fetish Bear bookends were the ones that first caught my eye. They're made from recycled sheets of steel.

bookends shaped like orange slice
angel wing bookends

Next, let's give thanks to Etsy for bringing us the bookends made by Lena and Dmitry of Design Atelier Article of Ukraine. The lemon and orange bookends are what first caught my eye, but the angel wings are pretty special, too.

roller skate bookends

And finally, here are some pretty amazing vintage roller skate bookends, sold by Uncommon Goods.

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Dmitry Olshevskiy said...

Thank you Jeri, from Design Atelier Article ))

Jeri Dansky said...

You're very welcome, Dmitry! Thank you for making such lovely (and useful) things.