Friday, March 16, 2012

Purse Organizers Keep Your Handbag Contents Under Control

purse organizer

Does everyone who carries a purse struggle with keeping the contents organized? It would seem so, given how many purse organizers are out there! I've covered this topic before — see related posts at the end — but more neat organizers keep showing up.

Let's start today's tour with the purse organizer inserts from It's All In the Bag. They come in four sizes, and a variety of nice fabrics.

purse organizer, floral pattern

And Sew Much More has purse organizers in two sizes, and a number of fabrics.

handbag organizer, red

Baggitz goes for solid colors in its handbag organisers; you have seven colors to choose from. These are made in Wales, but Etsy makes it easy for those of us in the U.S. to order this organiser, too.

purse organizer

Great Useful Stuff also has a solid-color purse organizer — no color options on this one.

handbag organizer

Handbag 2 Handbag has a dozen color/pattern options to choose from in its 11-pocket handbag organisers.

handbag organizer, purple, roll-up style

Sew Chic and Unique has handbag organizers in the same general style as those already listed — but also in this roll-up style.

purse organizer that holds an iPad

Here's a different sort of organizer: invite.L's Slim Bag-in-Bag. It's designed to hold your iPad, along with other things. [via popgadget]

organizer for purse, laptop bag, etc.

And finally, there are the Grid-It organizers from Cocoon — some of which could work just fine in a purse. This one is the CPG4.

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JustGail said...

Awesome organizers! Although I'm working on carrying less. Some areas there's progress, other areas not so much. I gave up the "emergency" makeup which I realized I used so rarely it wasn't worth carrying, but gained a Nook and a small notebook. I guess the notebook could go if I got an app or 2 for the Nook, huh?

And yet, I wonder how it is that the men can walk out the door with billfold, keys, and cell phone and be good for the day. Oh yeah, because we carry the rest of the stuff like tissues, asprin, pens, etc.

Mayya @ SCU said...

Great list of handbag organizers thank you for listing the roll it up organzier!

Nancy said...

I am still on the search for a good purse organizer. I bought one a year ago but ended up taking it out of my purse for 3 reasons.

First because it added weight to my bag.

Second the tops of the organizer kept collapsing inward. Every time I look at the photos of purse organizers I study them to see if the maker did something to solve that problem.

The third thing I had trouble with was the size of the side pockets. There needs to be enough give to be able to easily pull out your phone or other items, otherwise you won't continue to put it back in the same place.