Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lucite Trays: In-Box Options and So Much More

Lucite tray in smoky gray

I was looking for items, other than the letter trays you see in office supply stores, that could serve as in-boxes — and I stumbled upon the world of Lucite trays. These aren't the cheapest of storage options, but they certainly can be lovely. And, of course, they can be used to store all sorts of things.

The tray above comes from Boom Design and is sold by AllModern. You can also get it in red (or clear, or smoke gray) from Spacify. Update on April 27, 2014: I'm no longer finding this tray at AllModern or Spacify, but you can find it here.

square Lucite tray with paper insert

And then there are the trays with the paper inserts. If you're using the tray as an in-box, there's some incentive to keep the box emptied, so you can see that insert! Dabney Lee offers 12" square Lucite trays, as well as small and large rectangular trays. You can choose from 89 patterned inserts or 18 solid colors; there are also 60 choices for the monogram or name plate. Update on Feb. 18, 2014: I'm no longer seeing the large tray.

Lucite tray with paper insert

Erin Condren sells Lucite trays in two sizes. The inserts are designed to be personalized.

insert for Lucite tray; zebra in a dress

Iomoi has Lucite trays in three sizes, with some of the wilder designs out there. This is the front and back of the "Muffie the zebra" pattern. [via Apartment Therapy]

acrylic tray

And this isn't just a U.S. phenomenon. Jonathan Adler has acrylic trays in small and large, although the store is sold out at the moment. There are four design choices.

Lucite trays with laminated insert

And in Australia, VT Interiors sells customizable Lucite trays, with a removable laminated insert, in three sizes. Update on Feb. 18, 2014: These trays now seems to come from Tisch & Co, which is somehow related to VT Interiors.

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