Monday, November 21, 2011

Organizing Basics: Wastebaskets You'll Enjoy Using

trash icon
Trash icon from the Noun Project

Want to make it easy to keep clutter at bay? One strategy is to have plenty of wastebaskets — which can also serve as recycling bins — throughout your home or office, so there's always one handy. And while I've found many delightful wastebaskets in the past — see that list of related posts — I've now found even more.

colorful wastebasket, hand painted - green leaves on yellow background

Let's start out with a splash of color with this wastebasket from Wayborn, available through Bellacor.

colorful wastebaskets made from old billboards, in multiples sizes

These Paperbag wastebaskets, designed by Jos van der Meulen and manufactured by Goods, are made from unused billboard posters. In the U.S., you can find them at Switchmodern and Greener Grass Design.

wastebasket made from recycled fruit boxes

On a similar note, Kay + Stemmer made some limited edition wastebaskets from recycled fruit boxes.

trash bins, two sizes, red, made from bamboo

Ekobo makes bamboo trash bins in two sizes and eight colors. One place to buy them is Matteria.

foldable wastebasket

John Robshaw Textiles has foldable wastebaskets in three patterns.

trash cans with elephants

Camille Love Designs has a number of trash cans, most of which don't appeal to me — but I do like these elephants.

walnut wood wastepaper basket

RJ Fine Woodworking has wood wastepaper baskets in two sizes, made from various woods; the one above is made from American walnut burl.

wastebasket with picture of building

If you have $1,000 or so to spend on a wastebasket, you might like the ones from Fornasetti. You can find them at Palazzetti andUnica Home.

steel metal wastebasket with dustpan lid

And then there's Dustbin, from Brendan Ravenhill — a wastebasket with a dustpan lid, and a magnetized brush attached to the side. [via Ecosalon]

trash can icon free download

Finally, for all those who like the Vipp trash bins, you can now get a digital version — a Windows/Mac icon to replace the standard wastebasket icon. [via Mocoloco]

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Lee said...

I've never bought my husband the yellow VIPP of his dreams, but perhaps the icon will make him smile.

Jeri Dansky said...

Lee, I would think so - and the price is sure right!