Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Organizing the Jewelry: Ring Holders

ring holder and jewelry box

Have some rings that need a proper storage place — one that keeps them out on display, because that's the type of organizing that works for you? Let's look at some of the many ring holders that might meet your needs. The item above, a combination ring holder and jewelry box, is sold by Mjölk, in Canada. Update on Nov. 9, 2011: This ring holder comes from Skultuna, a brassware company in Sweden; it can also be purchased from twentytwentyone.

glass ring holder

Rebecca Zhukov of Providence Art Glass makes some lovely ring holders. You can buy them online from the Carlyn Galerie. Update on May 31, 2011: I'm not currently finding these at the Carlyn Galerie.

stoneware ring holder

Prefer stoneware? Neal Pottery makes some nice ring dishes.

wood ring holder

Dale Randles of Artistree makes ring holders carved from branches.

wood ring holder, horizontal style

Finally, Barclay Fine Woodworking has this horizontal ring holder. It's available in cherry or walnut.

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