Monday, November 28, 2011

The Holidays Made Simpler: Easy Gift Wrapping with Gift Bags and More

muslin gift bag that says peace joy love hope wonder dream sparkle

For those of us who never learned to do great gift wrapping — or who simply don't want to spend the time on it — gift bags are a wonderful thing. And while even gift wrap paper can be reused, a good bag is ever more likely to have a second life — or third, fourth or fifth. The gift bags from Quotes & Notes are cotton muslin drawstring bags that have been hand block printed.

fabric gift bags with Christmas trees

Fun Bags For Everyone has a large selection of holiday gift bags, in three sizes. The store owner says: "My mother was a professional seamstress. She taught me how to sew over 35 years ago and bought me my first sewing machine which I’m still using today. My favorite item to make these days is fabric gift bags. ... They are washable and reusable and last for years which eliminates a lot of paper and waste."

red fabric gift bags, two sizes

Bag The Habit has simple gift bags made from recycled fabric. [via Inhabitat]

gift bag made from recycled newspapers

The gift bags from Globally Cute are made from recycled Indian English-language newspapers. They may not be as durable as some of the other options, but they sure are interesting!

This "origami fabric gift bag" is just one of the many Christmas holiday bags — including wine bags — from Goose's Bags and Gifts. There are also plenty of bags, in four sizes, that are not specifically for Christmas.

jute / burlap wine gift bag

Speaking of wine bags: For those giving wine — a nice consumable gift — there are many cool choices. Diane Sudhoff of South House Boutique makes jute (burlap) wine bottle gift bags with a chalk cloth label you can use instead of a gift tag.

5 red wine bags for Christmas

I can't find Reisenthel's bottlebags on the Reisenthel web site, but they are available from Touch of Europe in the U.S., and here for those in Europe.

gift wrap - sweater for a wine bottle

Wine Wear is another fun way to wrap a wine bottle. There are many designs, not just holiday ones, but I decided to show you the one called Christmas Sweater.

oak wood wine box

Finally, this wine box from Stil Novo Design may cost as much or more than the wine you are gifting — but it was too gorgeous not to share. It's made from a recycled oak wine barrel. [via Alison Burtt]

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