Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Little Organizing Tools: Refrigerator Door Magnets

magnets with pictures of inside of refrigerator

Turns out I'm the guy who forgets to remove objectionable fridge magnets before Mom comes to visit. — John Fugelsang

Want some nice magnets you won't need to remove from the fridge when your Mom visits? Let's start out with the set above, from Katie of Kitschy Hippo. Katie's magnets are made from vintage ephemera, so they are one of a kind.

magnet says Fish are not for farming - eat wild salmon

Ray Troll has a large selection of magnets with a fishing theme.

wood magnets shaped like umbrellas

Snug, located in Hannover, Germany makes umbrella magnets from wood; you can also get matching raindrops. Snug also sells the umbrellas through Etsy. [via the Lolalina gift guide, in turn found via Jess Constable] Update on June 24, 2014: I'm not finding the umbrellas on the Snug Studio website or Etsy site, and I'm not finding the raindrops anywhere — so they may be discontinued products. 

magnets covered in colorful handmade paper

You can get magnets covered with handmade paper from Meg Bollinger of Calyrew.

Facebook-style magnets

And finally, for Facebook fans: Fridgebook magnets. They come with a dry erase pen for making wall posts, etc.

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