Friday, November 25, 2011

Non-Clutter Gifts You Can Buy Without Leaving Home

Christmas shopping crowds
Photo by Gustavo Faraon, found on Flickr, licensed through Creative Commons

Today is both Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day. Those who have no intention of going near a mall today can still do some online holiday shopping if they don't choose to "buy nothing" — and they can get gifts that won't create clutter.

I've mentioned many such gifts in past years, and have now pulled them all out into a gift giving ideas label so you can find them all easily. (Kiva fans: Yes, I've mentioned Kiva in the past.) But, of course, I have some new ideas.


1. Give the gift of online backup.

I use CrashPlan, which has gift subscriptions, currently discounted.

New York Times gift sbuscriptions

2. Give a New York Times digital subscription.

The online version of the New York Times now has a paywall, limiting how much you can see for free. To get unlimited access, you need to subscribe — and gift subscriptions, which come with either a smartphone or a tablet app, are on sale right now, too.


3. Adopt a llama.

Most adopt-an-animal programs are benefits for zoos, conservation groups, etc. This one is different; it comes from Caroline at Llama-Rama in Somerset, in the U.K., who says: "The majority of my llamas have been re-homed from people who just cannot keep them any more. These are all conscientious owners who have had drastic life changes: death or divorce in the family, health problems, ageing, house moves and military deployment."

This is actually the gift of experience, as Caroline explains: "Unlike many other adopt an animal schemes, you will also get the chance to come and spend a session (by appointment) with your chosen animal. Helping to feed, groom getting to know them and perhaps even getting the chance to take one out for a walk."

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