Monday, October 31, 2011

Organizing with Knitting Baskets

knitting basket, purple

Want a stylish way to containerize your knitting projects? There are some wonderful knitting baskets out there — and, of course, they could all be used for other purposes by those of us who aren't knitters.

The basket above comes from Eline Oftedal of Norway, and through the wonders of Etsy it's readily available to all of us. Eline's Etsy store is called The High North, and the tagline made me smile: "Hand made during the long Nordic winter." [via Pretty Vintage]

knitting basket with handle

Here's another Etsy option — a stunning handmade basket from Freda's Basket Works.


This handmade knitting basket comes to us from Africa via Connected Fair Trade.

knitting basket with fabric liner and lid

Peterboro Basket Company makes this knitting basket; you can also buy a fabric liner for the basket.

leather knitting basket

For something really different, you could get this leather knitting basket from Renaissance Art.

knitting basket / bag, framed, floral print

Finally, Sew Essential has framed knitting baskets — a style that I was only finding through vintage product sellers (such as this one and this one) before I found the Sew Essential site.

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