Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Organizing the Papers: Putting Your Walls to Work

computer file folder shaped wall-hanging folders for papers in bright yellow

Want to keep some papers close at hand? Have free wall space? Want something with a splash of style? I've seen two products that take a familiar product and translate it to something new to address just this kind of situation.

The first is the Neuer_Ordner, or New_Folder, from Haseform. This one was all over the design blogs when it came out in 2007; I saw it on swissmiss, Apartment Therapy and more. You can buy these yellow ones from design3000.de (individual or set of three) or you can buy the folders from Connox (which has individual folders and sets of three, in both yellow and white).

envelope-shaped wall folders for papers

And just a few days ago I found the Envelope Mail Holder from Goodwin + Goodwin. [via From Europe]

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Chloe said...

I love using walls to organize my stuff, especially near my desk so I can reach everything easily but still have stuff in front of me. I also like to use them in the kitchen for cook books and the bathroom for reading material. The trouble is I'm running out of wall space. These folder type organizers look like a great solution though if I group things together. I really like the look of the envelope style ones. I see they're made of metal so won't get dog-eared or anything. Great.

Jeri Dansky said...

And since you're in Europe, Chloe, these will be easier to get hold of. Not cheap, but very cool. Sometimes having organizing products we love makes it a bit easier to stay organized!

Mark A. Morales said...

I love the envelopes, reinvents the classic envelope look!

flv to avi converter said...

What a neat idea! :D I love organizing stuff, i think if everything is organized on your desk (or in this case - on your wall)) it means that everything is organized in your head