Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jewelry Mannequins: Dressing Up Your Storage

jewelry mannequin dress stand

I've been intrigued by jewelry mannequins since I first stumbled upon them, online, back in 2007. Now you can even find them at Forever21 — but I'm still fascinated. The widest variety I've found recently is at JewelryNanny. But let's look at a few other jewelry mannequins. Update on May 31, 2012: I'm no longer finding these at Forever21.

The jewelry dress stand above comes from Chic Indulgences. It's one of the company's Victorian gowns; there's also Can Can couture, Bohemian chic, Hollywood legends and more.

mannequin jewelry stand

Dolls Unlimited Omaha only has a few mannequin jewelry stands, but the ones it has are pretty darn nice. Update on July 29, 2014: I'm no longer finding jewelry mannequins at that site.

jewelry mannequin

This mannequin jewelry holder comes from Kings River.

mannequin jewellery stand

If you're in Malaysia, you could order a mannequin jewellery stand from Glitzbitz.

Let's end with the Esslinger jewelry mannequins, which are very different — a change of pace from the gorgeous gowns.

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Rozhmaizite said...

Thanks for sharing, really chic and practical. But I have soooo much jewelry, it won't fit on those things ;) Could you kindly suggest something bigger? I dont know... a "gem" tree with lots of branches for everything or what? Thanks!

Jeri Dansky said...

Rozhmaizite, I've written about many jewelry organizers in the past; you may want to look at all my jewelry posts. And here are some "trees" I mentioned in one of those posts.

Some of those posts are old and may have broken links; I'll be updating them as I'm working on a series of new jewelry-related posts — so I may have something for you in an upcoming post, too.

Sabrina said...

I love them! Thanks for sharing the photos.

Rozhmaizite said...

Wow! Thanks! You always have lots of nice ideas! Thanks for sharing!