Friday, October 21, 2011

Garden Storage Sheds Don't Have to Be Boring

unusual garden shed

Tired of the basic garden sheds from big box stores? Here's something very different — one of the garden sheds from The Rustic Way. It's made from recycled/reclaimed wood. [via Apartment Therapy]

garden shed

You can also get a unique garden shed from the aptly-named Unique Garden Sheds, a family-owned and operated business.

garden shed

Little Cottage Co. also has garden sheds in a number of styles, in both wood and vinyl.

small cedar garden shed

If you just need a little shed, here's one from Adams All Natural Cedar.

garden shed with porthole windows

This is the porthole shed from ShackUp, a brand of Hemingway Design. The company also has sheds designed specifically for storing bicycles. [via]

For more shed design inspiration, take a look at the "showy sheds" featured in The Oregonian. And look at the photo by Kevin Wakelam, taken on Lindisframe, where "the local fishermen have a great way to recycle thier old boats by turning them upside down and creating a storage shed for their gear."

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Cynthia Friedlob said...

Love The Rustic Way shed. Looks like where your garden gnome would live!

WarmSocks_Rossow said...

...OMG, Jeri... this is my all time favorite of your blog posts! (I "cut & pasted" all the links into my address book.)

I would love to have a shed. It's actually the only thing I don't like about being a RENTER. It's just too big of an investment if I had to move and leave it behind, and also could be a logistical nightmare to move it.

If someone would 'grant' or 'will' me a 20' x 20' piece of property, I'd put a cute, cozy shed on it and MOVE IN!!!

Warm Cozy Shed Socks,
Rossow ;)

Jeri Dansky said...

Cynthia and WarmSocks Rossow, you seem to have a reaction similar to this one I got in an email: "Can I just move into the adorable little hobbit hut now?

JustGail said...

Hobbit hut - love the name, even (especially?) if it's not the official one. These are soooo much nicer than those mean little tin cans or plastic bins. They are *almost* enough to get me to change my mind about gardening again. For those who enjoy such little gems, there's a shedworks blog, and probably others as well.

FYI - those little metal sheds (about 4 foot square) really don't do a lot for keeping tools dry. They are ok for a short gentle shower. But in a good downpour or days of rain, the floor gets wet and anything not hung up will rust. At least if left outside, the sun and air can get at them to dry them off.

Rozhmaizite said...

great ideas!

Virginia Storage Sheds said...

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