Monday, October 10, 2011

Organizing Finds in France

metal containers at French flea market

What are these? How could they be used for storage?

My first day in Paris, I went with friends to the Vanves flea market, where I saw these containers. And as the trip continued, I kept finding organizing-related stuff.

leather and wood storage trunk for CDs

This gorgeous piece is the Soprano trunk from Pinel & Pinel; it holds about 480 CDs. I didn't just stumble on this one; I sought out the store after seeing its website online. (Warning: The site plays music at you automatically upon launch.) The gentleman at the store was gracious about letting me take all the photos I wanted.

CD storage trunk close-up

Here's the Soprano, up close. While the green is lovely, it might not be to your taste; there are many options for both the interior and exterior colors.

leather and wood storage trunk for a child

And here's the Baby trunk, also from Pinel & Pinel.

While these are gorgeous, they are also —as I'm sure you've guessed — very much on the expensive side of things. The least expensive thing I saw in the store was a slim leather bracelet for 110 euros. Still, it was a pleasure to see such well-crafted storage pieces up close.

mailbox sticker in France for reducing junk mail

I found these mailbox stickers in Rennes, where I was visiting friends; many of the mailboxes had them. Apparently the Ministry of Energy and Environment produced these stickers; residents use them to indicate they don't want any unaddressed mail. The fact sheet (PDF) I found online says: "In 2004, the first year of the initiative, there were requests for 2.6 million stickers. ... More than 70% of sticker users were satisfied with the results of sticker and received significantly less junk mail."

wastebasket, green

And finally, here's a product I read about in the Air France magazine while flying home. "Since 1997, the French initiative ELISE has been helping workers sort trash and improve recycling in the workplace. This year, Philippe Starck has joined the venture, designing a new line of wastebaskets made of plant-based plastic." Starck's web site says the wastebasets are "coming soon."

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Melanie Dennis said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip Jeri. I want to know whom we contact to start lobbying for those mailbox stickers here!