Sunday, April 10, 2011

Organizing the Papers with File Totes

Looking for a stylish way to tote some files around with you? I'm just back from the professional organizers annual conference, and it was a pleasure to wander into the Expo Hall and see Diana Peck, the president of Jamie Raquel, showing off her company's file totes. This was a familiar product - I first wrote about the totes in 2008, when the company sent me a free sample - but it was nice to meet Diana in person, and take another look at the totes.

As you can see, they come in many colors.

But there are other choices, too - all very different. This one is a leather expanding file from the Italian company Fiorentina - intended for regular file folders, not hanging files. It's sold on many web sites, at widely varying prices - and not all sites have all of the seven or so colors. Some places to look include Jenni Bick, Inkworks, Poeme, Treasures Worldwide and The Daily Planner/Lincoln Stationers. It also appears that the tote sold by See Jane Work is the same product, even though it's not identified as Fiorentina.

For something much less fashionable, there's the PortaFile Carrier from Ultimate Office.

And here's another tote for hanging files - this one intended for teachers. It's sold by Lakeshore Learning.

tote for hanging files plus laptop computer

Finally, here's the AutoExec Business Tote - which accommodates both hanging files and a laptop. The hanging file case is removable, so you can carry it separately.

Want to know what else I saw in the Expo Hall? I'll be writing about those products for the next week or so!

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