Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reader Question: Good-Looking File Cabinets

wood file cabinets, lateral and vertical

Any suggestions for nice-looking furniture file cabinets?

Sure! I wrote about stylish file cabinets a few years ago - and the ones I listed are still fine choices - but it's time for an update. Let's split the choices between those provided by woodworkers, and those provided by office furniture companies. Note that most of these companies make both lateral and vertical file cabinets, even if I just show one or the other.

Woodworkers and Custom Furniture Companies

While I've mentioned McKinnon Furniture in this blog before, I never mentioned the company's file cabinets - which are shown above. Each piece is signed by the craftsperson who made it.

wood lateral file cabinet

Here's a lateral file from The Joinery, which guarantees its products for life. The wood used is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

wood 3-drawer vertical file cabinet

McKinnon and The Joinery are located on the USA's West Coast - Seattle and Portland - but now let's move on to the East Coast and Vermont Wood Studios. The company's tag line is "fine furniture from sustainable sources" - and the filing cabinets certainly do look beautiful.

two-drawer walnut wood file cabinet

And this file cabinet was made from Oregon walnut by Thomas J. Russo of Woodstock, New York; I found it through the wonderful CustomMade web site.

cherry wood lateral file cabinet - Craftsman style

Hardwood Artisans, located in Virginia, has some lovely file cabinets, too.

3-drawer wood file cabinet

And for those of you in Europe, I've at least found one interesting source of file cabinets: Typical English, with its hand-made reproduction English furniture. The company's showroom is located in Amsterdam, its manufacturing is based in the U.K., and it sells and delivers its furniture around the world. (Photo used with permission of David Nicholas, the copyright holder.)

Office Furniture Companies

While the filing cabinets from these companies won't be the very special pieces that the ones from woodworkers would be, they don't have to be just ugly metal file cabinets, either. You can find file cabinets with wood laminate, which softens the look and can work nicely in home offices. (I have a file cabinet with wood laminate drawer fronts, myself.)

lateral file cabinet with wood veneer fronts on drawers

For example, here's a file cabinet from Herman Miller.

file cabinet, wood laminate

HON also has some laminate file cabinets.

And BDI is yet another company with wood laminate file cabinets.

And Returning to the Woodworkers

filing cabinet wood bench

Finally, here's a very different (and stunning) piece - a filing cabinet bench.

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Amy said...

I'm drooling over these! I have a wooden file cabinet that is pretty much pressed-board and glue. Not nice. These, on the other hand....! Lovely.

Allison said...

Nice cabinets, but my vote is still with "less is more" - electronic filing, for home use, that is my mantra - I realize business may need more filing space than personal use- but for me, I have a small desktop file box that holds all my current 'essential' files and one drawer for long term items that are "have to's" - revisit those files - do you really need them? Can you scan and file electronically? Just a thought! Cheers!

Jeri Dansky said...

Amy, I'm glad you like them!

Allison, I'm going more electronic all the time, myself - and for a number of clients, I recommend getting a good scanner. But not everyone wants to go that route - including the person who wrote to me yesterday, asking about file cabinets!

AmyeToTheRescue! said...

Great choices Jeri! I always love handcrafted anything and it was great to see so many nice ones!

MarySees said...

These filing cabinets are beautiful but pricey!

When I saw them, I felt a little twinge about the filing cabinet I bought at auction last month. It is a four drawer wooden vintage filing cabinet. It is legal size which was a little problem, but with hanging file inserts, I have turned it into a lateral file for letter size folders. I will use the back part of the file drawers for other storage.

However, my filing cabinet is attractive, and it was only $85! :)

Jeri Dansky said...

Glad you liked them, Amye! I love featuring beautiful handcrafted stuff.

But yes, MarySees - it can sure be expensive. That's why I run "gorgeous handcrafted furniture" posts only once in a while! It sounds like you got something that's perfect for you - attractive and within your budget. And of course buying vintage is a green option, too.

Australian Woodwork said...

Wow, we just stumbled upon your blog and are really loving it! It is hard to beat beautiful design and quality craftsmanship, even for file cabinets. Thank you.

Jeri Dansky said...

Australian Woodwork, glad to have you here - you're very welcome!