Saturday, April 30, 2011

Warm Weather Organizing: Storing the Flips Flops

flip flip pail

Do you have a collection of flips flops you need to organize? One way to do it would be a pail - and Jayes has some pails designed specifically for this.

flip flop bucket

And another maker of buckets is The Macbeth Collection - which Saks is now selling.

flip flop holder

But there are also ways to hang the flip flops. You can get flip flop holders from My Pair Tree, as I've mentioned before. Each ribbon can hold six pairs.

flip flop holders

Beehive has a similar product, which holds seven pairs of flip flops.

flip flop rack mounted on the back of a door

Jokari makes a sandal (or flip flop) rack that mounts on the back of a door, or on the wall. This one will hold 10 pairs.

flip flop shoe organizer

And Whitmor has the flip flop shoe file organizer - a vinyl product that lets you hang 18 pairs of flip flops in your closet.

flip flop storage bin

Finally, returning to the bucket type of storage, Friends Candle Shed over on Etsy sells a Flophouse for Flip Flops; it holds about six pairs.

Or go find any basket, bucket or bin that you like, paint it if you wish, and make it your flip flop holder.

Update on May 23, 2011: You could also make your own flip flop hangers. Thanks to Mary Gaughan for the pointer.


Allison said...

LOVE the bucket idea for the flip-flops! I consider myself fairly organized but NEVER thought of this! Thanks so much! I found a great bucket resource here:
Enjoy your posts! Thanks so much!

Jeri Dansky said...

You're so welcome, Allison - I've glad to have given you a new idea!

Marcie Lovett said...

Jeri, you know I enjoy your posts and this is not meant as a personal criticism, but I have to ask, who needs that many flip flops? I question spending money on yet another organizing product when the real issue is not "where do I put them?" but "when will I have enough?" Yes, the storage options are fun and the flip flops are inexpensive, but really, how many do you need?

I see flip-flop overload regularly, along with purse overload, toy overload, book overload, etc. As Peter Walsh says: It's enough already!

(Not meant as a diatribe, just a thought!)

Jeri Dansky said...

Marcie, I agree: One of the first steps in any organizing project is to declutter, and that would apply to flip flops as well as any other item.

But perhaps the flip flops belong to more than one person. Or maybe someone lives in an area where flip flops are normal daily wear, and having a small collection makes some sense.

Or maybe someone just really likes his or her flip flops - and really does wear them. We each need to make our own decisions as to how much is "enough."

And if the collection is going to exist, it may as well be nicely stored.

JustGail said...

I like the buckets or the ones you put soles together and then into pockets. The ones that put the soles of the flip-flops against the wall or back of the door - no thanks. Why would I want the wall or door getting dirty with who-know-what from the bottom of the shoes? Unless you wash the bottoms first? Use them more as a display for the nicest ones?

No matter, flip-flops and me just don't really get along. My one pair fit into the shoe cubby just fine.

Marcie Lovett said...

"And if the collection is going to exist, it may as well be nicely stored."

And if it's going to be nicely stored, Jeri will find the most attractive solution!

Jeri Dansky said...

Marcie: :-)

(And thank you for making the point - which I could do more often - that the container part comes AFTER the decluttering part.)