Monday, April 11, 2011

Stop Misplacing Your Glasses; Use Cool Eyeglass Holders

Bonnie Breit of STOWnSee

Want a place to stash your eyeglasses - someplace you know you'll be able to find them again? We'll talk about eyeglass stands and such in a moment - but if you'd like to keep your horizontal surfaces clean, you may be interested in the STOWnSee. That's Bonnie Breit, who created the STOWnSee - "an eyeglass storage case that hangs underneath a cabinet or in another out-of-the-way location to protect those 'readers' while keeping them in a convenient location"; she's showing one off at the organizer's conference.

eyeglass storage case

I'm someone who takes off my glasses when I work at the computer - and I can see attaching one of these cases to the underside of my desk. And if you take your glasses on and off anywhere where they are likely to damaged, this might really come in handy. Full disclosure: Bonnie gave me a free STOWnSee at the conference - but I'd be writing about it even if she didn't. I plan to give the case away to a client.

necklace for holding your eyeglasses

Another way of keeping your eyeglasses handy - and not using horizontal surfaces - is to use an Eyecatcher from Micki Whelan Studio. [via Cool Mom Picks]

wooden wall-mounted eyeglass holder

And if you'd like to use your wall space, there's this sauna eyeglass holder. [via Apartment Therapy]

eyeglass holders designed as chickens

But if you don't mind using a horizontal surface, there are some fun products to consider. For example, here are the Opti-Chicks, sold by Bas Bleu.

Aries the ram eyeglass holder stand

And here's one of a series of astrologically-themed eyeglass holders: Aries, the ram. Note: While this eyeglass holder is listed as a Tactile Creations product, it's also shown as a product of this other company - as are the chickens shown above.

cute eyeglass stand

For more cuteness, take a look at these EyeBods from Streamline - also sold by the Gazebo Gift Co. and Karma Kiss.

bendable tray - can hold eyeglasses or many other items

Here's a product called Goony, designed by Takafumi Nemoto and sold by Cubeshops. It's not specifically an eyeglass holder, but that's one of the many things it can be used for. You can also find it at PA Design in Paris - and here or here in Japan.

upright eyeglass holder

For a different approach - forgoing cuteness - you could consider the OptaCaddy. [photo from]

wood eyeglass holders for 3 pairs of glasses

Finally, to hold multiple pairs of glasses, take a look at the eyeglass holders from The Jewelry Box Connection. Update on Feb. 16, 2015: The Jewelry Box Connection has disappeared.

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Sugarholic In Recovery said...

I love these gadgets to hold glasses! I'm so blind without my glasses though, I think I would need something that worked with a "clapper" to help me find them if misplaced! :)

Jeri Dansky said...

Sugarholic in Recovery: Hmm, I've got some bookmarks about various gadgets for finding lost items. I may be feeling a blog post coming on ...

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