Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reader Question: Recipe Binders, Books and Journals

red recipe journal - says I will cook better than my mum

Have you researched cool recipe holders/binders/books?

Yes, but not since February 2009 - so it's time for an update. While you can make any journal into a recipe journal, and any binder into a recipe binder, there are some specialty products you might like. Many of the options are too cutesy for my taste, but here are some that I do find appealing.

The recipe book above come from Fabriano Boutique; it has "80 lined pages divided with symbols for starters, meat, fish, vegetables and puddings."

recipe journal binder

Emma Bridgewater has a few recipe journals: this one called Black Toast, a Union Jack recipe journal, and one with hearts. These are all ring binders.

recipe organiser binder

This recipe organiser comes from Kikki.K in Australia.

recipe binder with flowers

Over on Etsy, Plaid Pineapple has a recipe 3-ring binder organizer.

recipe journal

For Moleskine fans, here's the recipe journal from Moleskine.

recipe cooking journal interior page

And finally, take a look at Recipes - a Cooking Journal. It's part of the Write It Down series from Journals Unlimited.

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JustGail said...

Nice items. I use 3 ring binders, I like that they are easy to add/delete/rearrange. Yes, I did say binderS - about 10 of them. Can you hear the robot alarm "DANGER! DANGER!"?

By all means write down the family favorites and the family heirlooms (even if it's for something you never make, like stewed opossum - it's a fascinating part of family history). BUT - do NOT clip out recipes and file them away to make "someday". Clip them and make them that week or the next week latest. Filing for "someday" is how I ended up with so many binders, and it's overwhelming to even look through to pick something out to try.

I need to re-group and continue to pull out the favorites/heirlooms (no opossum recipes in my family though) and just chuck the one's I've never made. I suspect that many are nearly duplicates anyway.

Jeri Dansky said...

Here's a comment that came in by e-mail:

I use a 4x6 photo album for mine -- it works great -- I keep 4x6 cards with me for everything from lists to whatever, and so it is easy to have one on hand if I am at someone's home and they have a recipe to share... it just slips in the sleeve where the photo would go -- and it is plastic coated for those splatters.

In doing this, we also keep small albums of seasonal recipes -- in those tiny albums you can get at the pharmacy.

Also -- if the album is also 3 ring, you CAN simply add in the pages that are too big at the end -- you know, those recipes you print from your computer...

There are SOOOOOO many more options if you think this way -- and often folks have those albums around that they never got to stuffing with photos -- so they are just sitting there as clutter ;^)*