Friday, February 4, 2011

For Valentine's Day 2011: Magnets with a Heart

magnet - rabbit holding heart

Rhonda Rabbit seems like the ideal magnet to launch this Valentine's Day list - although she could just as easily be on an Easter list. She's a "hand-crafted soft sculpture refrigerator magnet ... filled with fragrant lavender" from Susan Faye. Update on May 10, 2012: I'm no longer finding these soft-sculpture magnets, but Susan does have this bunny design in other magnets.

heart-shaped magnets

Tinch Design Studios in Dunedin, New Zealand, makes some lovely heart-shaped magnets from recycled materials. "This set is made from high-contrast black & white photography from vintage crochet patterns, and aged-white vintage sheet music from Beethoven's Symphony 3, fabric offcuts and a repurposed garment." The magnets are sold on both Etsy and Felt, a New Zealand-based site for handmade items.

heart magnet, tin

For more recycled products, there are the tin magnets from an old barn roof, made by Melanie West of MWestDesigns. Update on Feb. 8, 2013: This shop doesn't seem to sell magnet any more.

heart-shaped magnet, next to a quarter, for sizing

Boulder Pass Metalworks makes this heart-shaped magnet - and many other neat ones, too - from heavy gauge steel.

four pewter heart magnets

And Vilmain makes heart-shaped magnets from pewter; you can buy either the "mixed hearts" or the "original hearts" from Sattva Gallery.

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